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Sellers Petroleum can provide branding opportunities for  Mobil Express Lubes and Valero Retail Fuels.  Select the link below for further details.
Contact Your Area Representative:

Mackie Gill                 Jeff Sellers                 Marcia Cook                Spencer Singh                 Marc Gray

821 Pacific Ave.         821 Pacific Ave.        821 Pacific Ave.           350 W. Aten Rd.              350 W. Aten Rd.

Yuma, AZ  85365      Yuma, AZ  85365      Yuma, AZ  85365         Imperial, CA  92251         Imperial, CA  92251

928-329-0777            928-329-0777            928-329-0777              760-355-7900                  760-355-7900

CREDIT CARD FRAUD - Click here to view short video on credit card skimming

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