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Racing Fuels

Sellers Petroleum is a proud supplier of Sunoco Race Gas.  We carry Sunoco 110 octane unleaded racing gasoline - the same product used in all NASCAR events.



Sellers Petroleum carries Sunoco Race Gas the official fuel of NASCAR.  Sunoco products are blended to the highest quality specs suited for any hi performance application.  The R+M/2 octane values are tightly controlled to give exceptional and consistent performance with every gallon of Sunoco Race Gas.  We carry these products in bulk and can provide for your needs in bulk, drums and pails.  For additional information please contact our nearest office and ask for the gas used by winners...NASCAR winners that is!  Each of our facilities maintains bulk inventories and can provide deliveries in bulk, totes, drums and 5 gallon pails.  Please contact your area sales representative for further details.

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