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Sellers Petroleum carries a wide range of petroleum products.  We maintain complete inventories at our facilities including bulk and packaged lubricants, solvents, coolants, racing gas, kerosene, Carb and Conventional gasolines, Carb and Conventional Diesels, Jet fuel, spill kit, absorbants, hand pumps, 12 volt transfer pumps, decals, and much more.


We carry a complete line of Mobil and Exxon lubricants.  In addition to our primary branded supplier Sellers Petroleum can provide lubes from from other major brand suppliers and  our own private label products.  All products are readily  available at competitive pricing.

No 2 Diesel

​Sellers Petroleum distributes both Carb and Conventional No. 2 ultra low sulfur  diesel provided by a number of manufacturers.  



​As part of our complete service offering we can provide both Carb RFG and Conventional gasolines.  We carry all grades including 87, 89 and 91 octane fuels.  These fuels are available for bulk deliveries or direct retail delivery though our CFN cardlock network.  Sunoco Race Gas 110 octane is also available in bulk, drums of  5 gallon pails.

Jet Fuel

Sellers Petroleum supplies Jet A fuel to commercial, aviation, and FBO operations.  We have access to several suppliers and can provide a competitive transportation and storage solutions for your needs




​We carry a complete line of Mobil coolants.  Our inventories include  concentrated or 50/50 blends, inhibited or uninhibited, and in colors for ease of identification.  See our lube specialists for proper application of the wide variety of products available from Sellers Petroleum.

Solvents - Kerosene

Petroleum based thinners and cleaning solvents are available from any of our facilities.  Our product line also includes an environmentally friendly parts cleaner, Mira Clean, available in drums or pails.   We also offer regular kerosene  for parts cleaning and Pearl Kerosene (K-1) for use in outdoor heaters. 

Products made from 1 BBL of Crude Oil.PN
Crude Oil Fractions

One barrel of crude oil can be distilled into the fractions shown on the adjacent chart.  Additionally the fractions can be furthered combined to produce many petrochemical products such as plastics, fertilizers, paints, and much more. 


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