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Fleet Card Options - Gain the convenience of multiple fuel networks, including CFN, Fuelman, and Voyager. Under one company we can consolidate invoices and simplify driver monitoring.  Fleetwide - CFN offers the best in card usage and monitoring programs.  Online access to view minute by minute transactions enable the user to provide that extra step of security and control.  For additional details see your account representative or call your nearest Sellers Petroleum office.  Our network of sites exceed 30,000 nationwide including many commercial and retail facilities.  Check the links below to find the nearest CFN site for your needs.



  • Gives fleet owners and operators total control of fuel purchases.
  • ​Detailed accounting...
  • Invoices can include M.P.G., driver identification, vehicle number
  •  Price and fueling location,Accurate and timely billing, Complete tax accounting.
  • Ability to restrict cards to fuel type and volume.
  • Credit services
  • Extremely competitive gasoline and diesel prices.
  • 24-hour access / 7 days a week.
  • Savings through volume usage.
  • Member of a national network
  • Safe and clean facilities
  • No more worrying about unauthorized purchases.
  • CFN Network features convenient locations nationwide.

CFN - Fleetwide Site Locators:


Select the link below to open the Site Locator of your choosing:






Card Order Form​:

For additional cards complete form

Credit Application​:

Select link below to view credit application

SP CFN Access Agreement ​:

Select link below to view Sellers Petroleum CFN Access Agreement

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